Hello everyone,

We are sure all of you are excited for the festive shopping season in the coming months. Thirsty Juice is proud to announce that we will be having some epic deals on our products for everyone.

Our exclusive distributor – Vape Club; will be hosting 2 Flash Sales on their Black Friday and Cyber Monday online stores. Thirsty Juice is one of the selected brands that will be featured on those stores.

Do visit Black Friday Vape Deals on the 23rd of December 2018 (ET 00:00 – PT 23:59) to pick up Thirsty Juice at a steep discount.

We’ll also be featured on Cyber Monday Vape Deals on 26th of December 2018 (ET 00:00 – PT 23:59) for the sales during Cyber Monday.

We’re also working closely with our local distributors in United Kingdom, United States, Australia and South Africa for those of you who prefer to shop locally.

Keep your eyes peeled on our website for more updates.